Monday, April 26, 2010

Mate For Life...

Here's a little something that's been keeping me busy.


Julius 12:14 AM  

On rss I saw pictures and thought really nice work. But heck whole video here! Fantastic work. Especially I like colours.

Paco 1:19 AM  

Brilliant. Fantastic video. Great designs!

Andre Barnwell 6:07 AM  

Im very impressed Alan. Very nice execution.

Hrishikesh 6:13 AM  

Fantastic styl

Evan Bonifacio 6:36 AM  

preeeety slick there sir!

ND 6:44 AM  

Beautiful, just plain beautiful... 7:09 AM  

Awesome work!

Kendra Melton 7:48 AM  

very nice, really like the way you sketched the birds, think my favorite might be the beaver hehe.

Lesley Vamos 10:00 AM  

That was brilliant - what fluid animation, and great design ^_^

Philip Rodrigues 10:32 AM  

well done

Jesse Winchester 10:34 AM  

FREEEKING beautiful!

trevor dalmer 7:09 PM  

that's great alan! fantastic artwork, super appealing.

Jotodo 1:19 PM  

Nice! Your designs have definitely improved from back when we were at school. Colors look great.

Nick Sharma 12:30 AM  

thats mad the stylization

Jordan Lamarre-Wan 12:42 PM  

wow dude! these are amazing!!!

kopi.J 6:21 PM  

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