Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gerry Zeldin...

I've made a post about the wonderful Gerry Zeldin before, but this one's definitely in a more serious light. I've just recently found out that Gerry is suffering from terminal cancer.

My friend and former teacher Angelo Libutti has set up a Facebook Profile on Gerry's behalf for those of you who'd like a message be passed on to him. If you're not a facebook user, Angelo can be reached at angelolibutti at with the subject "Gerry Zeldin student". Angelo is trying to gather video journals as well.. if you post yours up please make sure they make their way to this facebook profile and/or Angelo.

My best wishes to Gerry and his family. Suffice to say that Gerry has touched the lives of many at his time at Sheridan, and it's great to see everyone giving back and remembering all that he's given us.

Here are a few:

Also check back at the blog Angelo has set up for more videos as they go up.


Jarrett 10:22 AM  
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Jarrett 10:22 AM  

I think all of our hearts go out to Gerry during this tough time for him and his family. He was certainly a major inspiration and model person to everyone he taught. God bless.

Eduardo Avenir II 9:12 AM  

it must be really touching for him to see all the comments and videos people are posting on his facebook. sheridan animation won't be the same w/o him! Sheridan animation is like a totally different program now aside from Gerry not being there, glad to be there when we were!

Jesse Winchester 12:10 PM  

Aw man.
Gerry's the greatest!

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