Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lighthouse Keeper...

A gobelins film.

Via [Ethan Metzger.]

5 comments: 6:28 AM  

wow!!!!!! i´love gobelins!!!!

David 7:36 AM  

Good looking film.

One of the film makers, Rony Hotin, has some comments about the production and links to blogs by his team mates on this discussion board:

Rony Hotin comments re: Making of "The Lighthouse Keeper"

Maira G. 9:26 AM  

This guys are so great!! this one is lovely. Love the dark aspect of it.

Ramona 5:33 PM  

Wow those are so amazing. My favorite is the first one. Did you do one?

ghada 4:39 PM  

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