Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The King!

I recently got to work on a puppet video with my bud and coworker Mike Chiechi. I did a lot of prep design work for it - lots of fun to design puppets. There are even a few that didn't make it in...

We decided to switch to frogs.



Andre Barnwell 6:20 AM  

thats very dope to see. Congrats.

Desiree 8:24 AM  

fun designs!

allen mez 5:09 PM  

Brilliant design and great posts Alan. I shall return. Carry on!

Karaokero 12:57 PM  

heyyy all your works are really amazing!!! I love your style!!....have u ever made a tutorial??... I would like to learn making drawinds like these!
greetz from PerĂº!

Paco 12:18 AM  

Great designs! I love them all. Especially the frogs!

Team Diana 9:20 AM  

That turned out great!

Josh Parpan 7:32 PM  

these are all Great Allan!

Josh Parpan 7:34 PM  

blah.. one l, sorry Alan!

Tel Coelho 3:59 AM  

Those are amazing!!!!!
the Elvis is very FUNNY!!!!
I like it!!!

Ellie Ventura 4:14 PM  

Sooo much fun!! Love the puppets!!! I never made an Elvis puppet before!

kimbot 8:21 AM  

i like the leg shakin!

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