Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meow Mix...




I was once told I drew cats too much.

I don't know if that could ever be true.


sandalmerah... 1:57 AM  

simple, strong line, and so deep...


cat's rock!

Virgil 7:31 AM  

very cool drawing, but I like the simple flats even more than the final :D

Adam Temple 7:38 AM  


Anonymous 10:00 AM  

You can NEVER draw too many cats!

Also, one of my favorite Japanese fairy tales is "The Boy Who Drew Cats". :)

Becky 2:12 PM  

This is cool - I don't think it's possible to draw anything too much, even cats. :)

RAWLS 3:09 PM  

ahhh ha... now I know your creative process and can steal your powers!

Amok 5:03 PM  

awesome style, love your technique.

Pablo Hernández Delgado 6:29 PM  

+ MEEEEAW Me encanta el diseño de este gato!!

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