Sunday, September 07, 2008

RBC Blue Water...

Has anyone seen this air in Canada? I don't really watch much TV but wish all commercials were this well-designed.

Sheridan Alum Jon Klassen was behind the style for the ad. Check out the blog post for his illustrations, as well a this direct link to the Ad itself. (Warning: direct link is a .mov)


Matt Jones 3:49 AM  

Really nice ad-beautifully textured.

Check this out:

Making of Aladdin-great footage of Keane, Henn, Deja, Goldberg, Hirschfeld etc.

RAWLS 4:38 AM  

Yea, Klassen is uber talented. I loved his style the first time I layed eyes on it. Great link man.

ahmed 10:36 AM  

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