Thursday, August 21, 2008


Probably won't be able to post for a while.

Catcha later.


Vadim 6:53 AM  

Hey Allen. Don't let Cooked Art get shut down. You alone must keep it alive. You are the chosen one. I know you are the one because I believe it. I have seen it in my dreams.

By the way: You have to put our year under graduate not 4th year.

RAWLS 11:20 AM  

See ya when you return to the posting world my friend.

Anonymous 5:26 PM  

Vadim you dream of Alan? Hmmm….. I knew there was some kind of a sexual tension going on between you two.

Jamie 8:39 PM  

"Meh" does not describe your work, man! And WHY can't you post???? Tell us what you're up to!

Anonymous 9:27 PM  

yes tell us ???????????

Unknown 2:49 PM  

Love the design!

Lettie Lo 10:40 PM  

this is awesome! hope u keep posting! ur a spirit of blogger

Ken 12:26 AM  

I love this style

Unknown 9:21 AM  

yes, please keep your blog going! Kei and I check it regularly

Taylor Krahenbuhl 11:52 AM  

Absolutely inspiring work! fantastic blog

Emmanuel Briand 4:55 AM  

really great , i like this one and especially the way tat he looks mystic

Emmanuel Briand 3:21 AM  

and thanks for your comment on my blog tellthem to come on it ,and give me some advice to do a better work ! i lilke drawings , that's too funny ; tahnks for all "cook alan:
"the cooked art"

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