Monday, June 02, 2008

HP Tablet PC at Best Buy...

Hi there.. I forgot to post about this a while ago but I have lately been really lame with my blog. Chalk it up to being extremely busy!

Anyways, for your Canadian readers, I noticed that Best Buy is selling a very decent Tablet PC, the HP TX2108CA, for in between $999 and $1099 (depending on the week it seems) - For that you get a 2.0 Ghz Turion 64 X2 (Dual Core), 3GB of Ram, a 250 GB Hard Drive, a Geforce 6150 Go, and a 12" 1280x800 Wacom Penabled screen. I realise that a 12" screen is kinda lame and small, but people considering getting a 12" Cintiq would probably be much better off getting this instead. Also, it seems that 12" screens are the overwhelming majority nowadays on tablet pcs (unfortunately). Anyways, the PC behind the tablet also seems to be decently spec'd, so it seems good enough for animation purposes.

Anyways, Cintiqs and Tablet displays are the greatest thing ever, and I would highly recommend any animator to have one. It doesn't really get more affordable than this, either...

Check it out here.

Also, it seems that Wacom has reduced the price of its Cintiq 21UX to $1999 everywhere (which, strangely enough, puts it at the same price as the 20WSX, which is one inch smaller). Check it out here.


Anonymous 4:42 AM  

great news from Wacom!
And what about european readers? Do you have something for us?

Anonymous 9:42 AM  

I would love a tablet , but the 12" inch screen just doesn't do it for me. I suppose for casual sketching with something like ArtRage or Sketchbook Pro that would be ok, but animation apps like Flash, or Toonboom, or TVPaint have toolbars, timelines, all sorts of extra little windows that grab space on the screen , so the available drawing area gets reduced.

I'm pretty sure there will be a Mac tablet soon (not the ModBook, but an actual Apple product), but I'll bet they are going to only have a 12" or 13" inch screen. I'd love a Mac tablet with a 17" inch screen like the MacBook Pro, that seems like the minimum that would make for a comfortable drawing area.

Oh well , I can dream ...

Mark 10:19 PM  

Great post Alan.. I was looking to buy me a Cintiq.. thats for spreading the news Buddy!

Hope to see you out at the zoo sometime in the near future.. and having a tasty burrito boyz..

Mitchel Kennedy 10:32 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cookedart 11:17 PM  

Pigmalion: It's quite possible that the discount applies for all regions in the world.... Sorry to have left you out!

Dave: I agree that the 12" size is pushing it... I too would love it if Apple would make its macbook pros into tablet pcs.. I for now however use a 14" tablet and a second monitor for most palettes and reference... I try to maximize the drawing area and it works ok for me for now.

A nice feature on the 12" and 20" cintiqs is the button to switch focus to your second monitor, so that you can use the pen to access palettes on a secondary monitor like you were using a normal wacom tablet...

Mark: Lol...

Mitch: Ya I've heard similar - you can only hope that this will be better... I only point to best buy and such because people seem to like purchasing from what is easily and readily available.

The 12Wx definitely has its advantages and disadvantages - I think, however, the tablet pc is a much higher value, especially if you dont currently have a decent computer to hook a cintiq up to (then the tablet pc is a no brainer, in my opinion)...

Also, my preference would probably be a tablet pc with a larger secondary monitor, rather than a larger laptop screen or desktop monitor and a small secondary tablet screen..

Just my two cents.

Anonymous 5:30 AM  

Yes there are some worlwide buyers in ebay who applied the discount.

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