Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Sneak Peek at Coraline....

Check it out here. (Warning: .mov link)

Need I say that it looks gorgeous?

Via [Ain't It Cool News]


Unknown 9:00 AM  

whoa... looks great!

Andre Barnwell 1:08 PM  

shoot i missed it. I cant view it and i cant find it anywhere esles. you know any where else i could find it Alan?

Cookedart 2:23 PM  

Hey Andre,

It worked for me just now...

Try to right click it and click "save as"

Jazzy 12:53 AM  

The movement is really amazing but i don't really like the character designs of the three spirits...!!!
Coralline's design is loveable!!!

Ellie Ventura 9:26 AM  

thanks for that! i can't wait to see that!!! looks really good

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