Monday, March 12, 2007

The last day...



Piotr 6:50 PM  

beautiful work! chefs suddenly so much better:P i like the arm wrestle at the end!

Rade 2:32 AM  

Solid work! Awesome chef drawings.

Jeffrey Cheung 2:44 AM  

The arm wrestling one is very cool!
Hey I was wondering how do you change the banner of your page to a banner of your own?

libra bear 5:25 PM  

Haven't been here in a while, it's always a pleasure to look at your beautiful drawings. Keep it up Mr C.

Hodges 10:41 AM  

nice, this is some of the best stuff ive seen from you, very nice feel to the poses. on another note you should update your second year list, mitch is a first year and the link is a different person

Riè 5:30 PM  

Hi Alan.

These are great! I have to agree with everyone else that the arm wrestling one is great. I like the page with 3 upper body shots too because of the various expressions.

And 2 models! Ah I wish I could be there drawing this kind of stuff. *cries*

btw my blog address changed to (though you can still get there from the other one).

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