Friday, February 24, 2006

Adric Worley

Yup, It's Adric Worley, currently in Art Fundamentals at Sheridan. Thanks for posing, mate.

P.S. Yes, I updated this post with a better image and changed the name of the post.


Anonymous 8:27 PM  

Hey. That guy looks pretty good.

Oh wait. That's me!

It looks awesome.

Edward Juan 2:12 AM  

hi alan, thanks for your comment on my blog. good luck with your film too!

Gulzar 5:55 PM  

Hey some new stuffs in here, really dig them. Say are these "pencil colours" or "charcoals" I love the way you render em...

keep it up...n yes the film, cant wait to get that over...

Cookedart 6:44 PM  

It's Sanguine and Bistre colored Conte, with some NuPastels as well.

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