Sunday, May 27, 2007

Some Disney Stuff!

Andreas Deja on the topic of Frank Thomas:

Glen Keane on the topic of Ollie Johnston:

Storyreel from the Rescuers:

Linetest from the Rescuers:

A short Glen Keane Tarzan Scene:

A long talk from Disney artist Chen Yi Cheng can be found here.


Mark Mayerson 6:34 PM  

Thanks for digging this stuff up, Alan. The Deja-Thomas piece is excellent, as is The Rescuers pencil test.

Cookedart 8:03 PM  

No problem Mark!

I believe the pieces are off the extra features on the disc for Frank and Ollie a documentary directed by Frank's son.

I've never seen it before but it looks great!

Unknown 12:34 PM  

This is great, Andreas and Glen are my heroes. I love their work on Aladdin. Frank and Ollie are of course legends on their own and anyone who loves Disney should love them.

Kei Acedera 3:17 PM  

Great posts Alan! I dont know how you do it :P Take care my friend!

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