Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ah Hollywood....

Went to Hollywood today...

Checked out Graumann's Chinese Theatre:

Found Disney's star on the Walk of Fame:

Met the incomparably awesome Sean "Cheeks" Galloway in a Hollywood comic shop:


Amanda 10:38 AM  

That man behind Cheeks' book is making the best face x)

Kei Acedera 10:18 AM  

Thats great you got to meet Sean..he's an awesome guy..and talk about awesome people: Nicolas Marlet is the man. We got the chance to chat it up with him during our stay there and the guy is the nicest, humblest guy evr..and seeing his drawings in person just made my trip :) I tried to convince him to publish a book too!

Anyway, Hope you're having fun there (I'm sure you already are) you're gonna learn tons. Take care Al!

Jeffrey Cheung 2:34 PM  

u met Sean? ah you lucky ...guy...

Seo Kim 9:14 PM  

I can see you in the mirror!

Cookedart 9:55 PM  

Hey Mandy - That guy was actually another comic artist - his name slips my mind though!

Hey kei - Totally! I came in just when he was dropping of his sketchbooks to the store, so I made sure to pick one up and get it signed.

I can't believe how prolific Nico Marlet is! There were literally hundreds of drawings! Absolutely incredible. I hope he makes a book/starts a blog/shows off that dedication! It's absolutely inspiring.

Jeff : yup indeed, just a short run-in though.

Seo : Haha, i didn't even notice that until you mention it. Darn!

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