Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sheridan Group Films...

Two of the Sheridan Group Films completed this year:

A Rotten Habit:

The Monster Germ:

Not all of them are up on YouTube yet. Until then, enjoy these!


AndyG 6:28 PM  

These two films, even though I understand their group effort, have a greater comprehensive quality to them. It's not just the animation, but the staging of the actions and the obvious storyboarding of everything. I love the first one most, and the second one has a nice story and good opposing characters.

What impressed me most on the first one was the use of camera angles to stress the emotion of the boy. The camera in the hall and the low angle shots were excellent. The cutting could've been done a little smoother without so much hard cutting between the bathroom and the room... but how that could've been helped, I'm not so sure.

The second film was good, and I liked the whole germ idea. The squashing and stretching of an object like that can be taken to great lengths... the sound-effects were obviously cheesy, but that's okay.

Thanks for posting more films... I find these films a little more fulfilling.

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