Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Henry Yan

I've been trying to find more of this guy's stuff for the longest time but didn't know his name.

Check out his website here.

Also, he's got a book out now - check it out.


Sam Bradley 6:52 PM  

these are amazing alan - thanks for the link.

axl99 3:18 PM  

And just when I thought I vowed never to get me an artbook for the next while...

[Maybe the new Labyrinth store might have it.]

jurffy 3:26 PM  

beautiful stuff..
this guy's good too. http://www.zhaomingwu.com/

Cooked Art 5:41 PM  

Sam - No prob man.

Jessie - They for sure 100% do have it - not sure how many they have and if it'll be sold out or anything, but I know they carry it.

Jeff - Thanks, I'll check this guy out. Looks pretty awesome too.

Heidi Smith 6:00 PM  

Oh my God!! He's going to be teaching a workshop at Scottsdale Artist's School in Arizona, I believe in May 2008!

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