Wednesday, May 09, 2007

5 Calarts Films...

Here are 5 Calarts films that aren't featured in this year's Producer's Show.

"Prehysterical" by Joe Pitt.

"Special Delivery" by Steve MacLeod.

"A Primer of Chess" by Jules Soto.

"Functional Design" by Christian Robinson.

"Way Back Home" by Bert Youn.


Anonymous 4:34 PM  

I can think of several reasons why those five films did not get into the Producer's Show. Try making a list of quality films next time, instead of films based off of student politics.....I'd like to see that.

Cookedart 12:06 AM  

I happen to like these films, especially Steve Macleod's.

I personally think too that each of these films has a merit on its own. I do not personally know any of these students nor do I feel a need to plug them for any reason other than the fact that I found their films, liked them, and figured others would want to see.

If you want to see more from Calarts, YouTube likely has more, including ones that were part of the Producer's Show.

This is what I've found for now.

Sorry that you didn't like the pickings.

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