Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sketchcrawl 14

Hey there, attended the 14th somewhat-monthly Sketchcrawl, L.A. Chapter today. Sketchcrawl was started by the Pixar story artist Enrico Casarosa. Basically, people meet and draw all around the world. Check out the Sketchcrawl blog and the SketchCrawl Forums for more info.

We met at Santa Monica Pier:

Here is the 'we' (sans me):

They are: Alina Chau, Shiho Nakaza, Leon Gittens, James Mar, Mike Cheda, and Josh Sheppard.

Peeps I drew at the Pier:

On the way home from Sketchcrawl I spotted a chess park and decided to sketch some of these guys. Great subjects!


Evan Bonifacio 9:15 PM  

cool cafe sketches man. hows it goin down in LA?

summer been alright so far. Just making money for school, (installing pool liners.) Ill be done real soon, and then probably start working on the film.

Unknown 9:24 PM  


Glad to meet you at sketchCrawl today!! These are beautiful!! Now I need to organize mine to post them up too!! Have a great time in LA!!

Anonymous 10:57 PM  

I love your caricature of me. You captured the essence of being pissed and being too cool for myself. (Did I really look that way?)

g1toons 1:28 PM  

great meeting you, good luck in the future, enjoy your stay in La La land
great blog

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