Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Third Year Floorplan...

Looks like I'll be getting cozy with the members of The Line and Aisle-6. Thanks to Dan for this one.


Anonymous 2:11 PM  

I'm still baffled as to how they view this as being condusive to group stuff. How on earth do you have 3 meetings at once???


Anonymous 2:49 PM  

Cook, did you just comment on your own post?

Anonymous 7:03 PM  

If the windows are where I remember them being, what's the point of even having them with this layout?

Second years have the same room, but one floor down, so this doesn't look good for us either. And next year, we'll inherit that room, so your problems are our problems. 3rd and 4th years should know they have the total support of 1st and 2nd yrs.

If you've got an end desk, you've got to squeeze through 23 others to get out? Or with the aisle desk, you've got 23 people squeezing past and bumping your chair all the time? I'm not sure which is worse.

For all the money invested in this new building, they could at least pay someone to THINK before making these kind of retarded decisions. Like losing square footage when they've now got an EXTRA year's worth of students?

Honestly, I wonder who or what committee really makes these decisions. No one could possibly be this stupid, so that means they really just don't care. And with the big degree program first grad launch, you'd think they'd start to care enough to use a little common sense.

Cookedart 11:50 PM  

Seems we have a lot of anonymity on our hands...

Anonymous commenter #1 - My feeling is that meetings will be less important so long as story is figured out. So long as everyone's delegating tasks and executing them, production should be a simpler beast. The round table at the right of the floor plan is supposed to be a group meeting space (although 15 groups having one meeting space doesn't make sense either).

Anonymous commenter#2 - No, I didn't. I don't tend to anonymously comment on my own blog, haha.

Anonymous commenter #3 - Seeing as how you are a second year, my advice would be to not get too riled up about it. Our year is unusually large and because of this, the seating arrangement has to be pretty unique to accomodate us all fairly. I've been told that they tried several positions but none of them really worked well and were up to the 'fire code'. My guess is next year groups will be smaller and there will be less of you overall, so it may go back to 'pods' like we had it in C-Wing.

My main issue, if I had to critique the new building, is that it really doesn't improve upon any of the situations in any of the years, except possibly 4th year, who finally have a permanent, usable space.

For the first years - it's still light boxes, still closed down at 2am, and there are still only two classroms in which they'll be able to work in, which will be occupied by classes during the daytime.

For the second years - the work area is no different - the space is around the same square footage as their current area, but the lengthwise 'rowboat' style seating is patchwork at best.

For the third years - we are definetly losing square footage (the square footage of the third year area is larger than the new building's production studio, not to mention that an additional classroom was used to accomodate studio 24/7).

Overall, the only thing that the new building does is consolidate all the years back under one roof. But with keycard access on each of the doors and a 2 am lockout, it seems that it both supports this notion and denies it (as it is now, a third year's access card will not grant access to a fourth year area, for instance). I'm sure people will still hang out in other people's areas, but after thinking about it, a lock on the door seems to make less and less sense to me.

And personally, I really liked the high-ceiling, warehouse feel of the old area, rather than the 'large classroom' feel of the new area.

But whatever works, we'll have to take. I still want to work on the film whenever I feel like it, however, but that's a whole other issue not really related to the layout of the building itself.

Anonymous 7:22 AM  

I also liked the feel of the old studio... I need the sunlight to photosynthesize (luckily by pure chance I end up right by a window), I loved the open-ness. We'll be spending enough time in cramped spaces when we get into the industry. I don't see this being an improvement in any way, other than (hopefully) we'll get a little more heat on at night.

~Allie (anonymous poster #1 who has forgotten her login and password.... naturally)

P.S. A LOT of the groups have meetings left ahead of them... I'd say most of them, whether it's fixing plot points or redesigning characters.

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