Friday, December 22, 2006



alxcote 1:32 PM  

Your linework gave a nice effect to the drawings, it's a very nice touch.

You've been improving alot, superb.


Randeep 11:02 AM  

this one is really, really nice al.
good work.


libra bear 8:22 PM  

I found your blog through....actually, I can't remember, but I'm definately adding you to my links list. Your passion jumps of the screen, I cannot believe how amazing your work is, especially your life drawing. Just when I thought my eyes couldn't be opened any wider...ok...I'll stop now. Keep it up mate, I'll be back for more inspiration
Wes, (a new fan....)

Cooked Art 11:00 PM  

Hey Alex - Thanks man - your stuff's really sick too!

Didn't know you had a blog....

Deep - thanks man. Thanks for visiting!

Wes - Thanks so much for the comment. Glad you like my life drawing - I'm hoping to kick it up a notch this coming semester when we get to study the figure in costume.

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