Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jasper Morello

The Creature from Jasper Morello.

For my Character and Culture presentation.


ChrisDarnbrough 9:10 AM  

cool design man, nice silhouette

Andrew Shek 7:26 PM  

cool post Alan, I really like the bg....I assume playing around with custom brushes in photoshop? looks good

Todd Harris 11:47 AM  

nice work on this blog. first time visiting, really like the post.

Cooked Art 1:24 AM  

Thanks for visiting Todd - glad you like it!

Chris - thanks - the film is completely animated in silhouette and is super fun to emulate!

Andrew - Thanks man! Ya, I was just futzing around with some of the textured brushes. Came out ok this time!

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