Friday, October 12, 2007



arzu 6:30 PM  

Last one is quite nice!

Howard Shum 9:02 PM  

Cool art on your blog!

Jarrett 4:30 PM  

Really great Alan! Very solid work.

Ken 10:11 AM  


these are fantastic. Simply beautiful.

I love the style

libra bear 8:32 AM  

Are these life drawings, do you actually have people that dress up, either way great stuff man. Your such a strong draughtmans!!!

Marcelo Vignali 9:20 AM  

Great looking stuff! I just love these sketches. I don't know if you ever had a chance to meet Walt Stanchfield of if you are familiar with his work, but he would have been happy to see these sketches. They embody what he preached.

Cooked Art 2:22 PM  

Wow! Comments!

Arzu - thanks, I think that's my favorite as well.

Howard - thanks much for coming by! Glad you liked!

Jarrett - thanks man, sorry I didn't get a chance to meet up with you in Vancouver. Hopefully I'll be seeing you around soon enough!

Ken - thanks much!

Libra bear - they are from life - the models pose in costume. I'm really glad you liked!

Marcelo - thanks so much for coming by! I've read through Walt's notes on - I've never thought my work to relate to his until you mentioned it!

I so very much love your life drawings as well. Thanks again for stopping by!

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