Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sheridan is 40...

This article has been making the rounds.

There are definitely some inaccuracies in the article, but still interesting to check out.


Anna 10:46 PM  

Wow, I saw that article too, it was on another blog however, lol. But still, thats good they commented on Sheridan. Hopefully more people will know about the school.

roz 10:08 PM  

heh smells like new paint eh? i always thought it smelled kinda like old pizza and beef-a-roni :/

Marko 12:28 PM  

ya...the fresh paint smell is great especially considering the painting was done a year ago.

Anonymous 11:33 AM  

um, what can i say? $9 million for a building that looks like a prison/high school?

Anonymous 1:33 PM  

"And the students all have their own light tables," beams Stukator


Cookedart 11:15 PM  

Anna - Indeed

Roz - I wonder why.....

Marko - Its funny that it still feels like the paint is fresh though...

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