Thursday, October 25, 2007

Story is King...

I know that I've been posting mostly life drawing up since September so far. Truth is, the story reel for my film is taking up pretty much all of my time, with design playing second fiddle for now.

I can only really get to design when I find some spare time in between, which is pretty rare.


Bobby Pontillas 12:40 AM  

Alan this one is freakin awesome man!

Unknown 1:23 AM  

I just saved it to my desktop! I love the feeling of this one! Very nice. Hot stuff Alan!

Jarrett 1:46 PM  

Great design, Alan! Thanks for your comments, and good luck with your final year. Keep me posted:)!

Ian Worrel 9:56 PM  

Story is Queen. Ha!

Cookedart 11:14 PM  

Bobby - thanks much :)

Saul - Wow really? Thanks!

Jarrett - Thanks man - I'll need it!

Ian - Har de Har.. you made a funny.....

How's your film coming? You still need to send me the design/offerings etc....

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