Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today's haul...


The Labyrinth 8:31 PM  

Hey Alan,
was wondering - these great expressions in the models -are they for real? or do you 'add a little extra'. If it's not clear - I Love the drawings.

Cookedart 9:38 PM  

Hey Dan,

Depends - sometimes I do, sometimes I don't - it usually happens that i'll see a flicker of an expression and draw what I saw - models don't usually keep their face absolutely still.

I guess in short I try to add a little expressiveness to the face, especially if I don't see it at the current moment.

Thanks :)

Anonymous 11:04 PM  

hey I really like this stuff man, I like the expression and the line work a lot. keep it up because I know you will. good job!

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