Thursday, August 09, 2007

Starring You!

One of the first things I worked on here at JibJab is Starring You! A flash app where you can take a photo of anyone, cut out their head, and apply it to hilarious madness. Straight out the door JibJab has 5 dances for you to choose from to exact your revenge on unsuspecting mugs. They are: Chiquita, Disco, Charleston, Hula, and Cucaracha. Check them out here.

The JibJab Bloggedy Blog has been hinting at this for a little bit of time, now, complete with hilarious shots of workers and various dancers in the somewhat funny, sometimes disturbing getup featured in the dances.

JibJab gives you the chance to post your created video (with free registration) to a plethora of social networks it works with MySpace, Facebook, iGoogle, Blogger, Windows Live, Email, and many more (including straight-up vanilla embed code for those who prefer just that). And it's all free!

Starring You! works by first uploading an image in any common image file format (jpeg, gif, png) - it then bounces you to a window where you can cut your head out, and save it for later use (in multiple videos, for instance). You can also make your head 'public' and share it with all the other JibJab users. A quick hint for Photoshop users - if you are photoshop savvy and prefer cutting out your head in photoshop, cut it out and make sure the background is transparent, then save it off as a png-24. Move the dots in the Starring You! Head cut tool outside of the head (anywhere), and since the app supports alpha, the head will look like it has a perfect cut. The app is still in beta but works quite well already!

Here's a quick video I threw together using the app:

Check it out! If you like it (and even if you don't), let JibJab know!


BEN 12:20 AM  

ahahah!!! FANTASTIC!
An italian's show uses the same program (with the politicians's head )! ahahahah fantastic!!!!

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