Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More images from the Zoo....


Fabi├ín Fucci 5:44 AM  

That koala look is priceless!

Tapan Gandhi 7:57 AM  

i love that turtle

Unknown 10:10 AM  

These are really looking sweeet! Great job with all your animal sketches. I like the tiger sketches down below as well!

Kei Acedera 10:13 AM  

HEy Al! it was great hangin out with you at San Diego! Your sketches are awesome keep up the great work my friend!..btw..I have your brown shirt! (the one that says Chewie) so you can grab that from me when you get back..see ya!

Garrett Shikuma 12:57 PM  

Hey Alan,
I've always enjoyed your blog. You always seem to be the first place for great animation news and your artwork is awesome! Keep up the great work!!!

Frankie Stellato 2:34 PM  

Hey how come you were able to see the koala! lol Every time I go he hides! Awesome sketches man Great work!

Anonymous 10:50 AM  

a smart and humorous slice of life, well done!

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