Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Buy N' Large

Is this a viral marketing campaign for Wall-E?

Why would I think this?

Well, this announcer is definitely none other than Mark Andrews.

Not only that - there's been reports that there will be some live action in Wall-E. My assumption, then, is that this has something to do with the manufacturers of the Wall-E robots themselves.

Check it out!

(Thanks to Deep for the info).

In other news, If you're stopping by the San Diego comic con, make sure not to miss a panel on Pixar Short films on Friday, 10:30-11:30 in Room 6CDEF. Ralph Eggelston (For the Birds), Andrew Jimenez (One Man Band), and Gary Rydstrom (Lifted) discuss the studio’s short films, with a Q&A session to follow.

Also at 2:15-4:00, Sound Designer Ben Burtt will give a first look at Wall-E.


Hoggan 11:41 AM  

cool. GOOD EYE ALAN COOK! haha

Bryan Magan 6:03 PM  

If you do a view source on the code of the site you'll see that its part of the "go" network thing that Disney does.

Tapan Gandhi 10:38 PM  

hey alan, ur totally right

did u see the "commercial" on youtube advertising buy n large's new product, wall-e? pretty amusing

solid evidence right there, they even put the website address at the end of the commercial

Cookedart 11:34 PM  

Hey tapan - i didn't see this - can you link me up?

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