Sunday, July 15, 2007

Diametric Opposites




Tapan Gandhi 4:20 PM  

wow such craaazy shapes! i'm likin' it, alan

but why'd u hafta spell their names wrong like that? ;)

Marcelo Braga 11:21 AM  

Nice animals! Like the way the cheeta moves. She's moving, right? Congrats, you have a cool blog!

Anonymous 12:03 PM  

Cool man. I also really like the tiger. Hey man I have a question. Do you know who animated at the end credits of Ratatouille? Do you know? Anyways, nice stuff Alan. Talk to you soon.

Cookedart 12:10 PM  

Tapan - Thanks man. I 'splet' them wrong because i want to accentuate the fact they they end in the same sound. And i think it's funny to spell cheetah more like "cheater"

Marcelo - thanks much!

Matt - There are credits at the end featuring the whole list of people who worked on those credits. From my head, though, Tony Fucile, Adrian Molina, and Nate Wragg all contributed.

Unknown 3:55 PM  

THese animals ROCK!! AWESOME!

Jelter 7:15 AM  

that cheetah is awesome. nice designs

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