Monday, June 25, 2007

Two new Ratatouille Clips

Hi there,

Featured at left are two clips that aren't featured in Ratatouille.

First up is a new rough animation test of Emile. Check it out here.

Next up is a featurette on two animators/artists who played major voice roles in Ratatouille - Pete Sohn and Lou Romano. Link for the video can be found at left, and here.


Hoggan 4:10 PM  

ohhhh SNAP

Mark Mayerson 5:25 PM  

Can you imagine any other animation studio giving the lead human voice to someone without audience name recognition? Can you imagine any other animation studio giving the lead human voice to a NON-ACTOR?

This is just one reason why Pixar films are good. Because they focus on what's on the screen and not on the conventional wisdom.

Pete Emslie 6:39 PM  

Often the results outshine anything that a name actor likely could have brought to the role. It sounded like Brad had a blast when he voiced Edna Mode in "The Incredibles" - his note perfect performance practically stole the show!

Cookedart 7:01 PM  

Dave - very thoughtful comment indeed. I am looking forward to your other snap comments as well.


Mark - I couldn't agree with you more, but what I would wonder is how much you feel that Pixar's method of operating differs. And especially, in regard to your thesis paper, which seems to be suggesting that there are alternative, working methods to production than the current system.

Do you think Pixar is using the old disney system, and using it well, or do you think they've come up with their own method and should be cited as an example of an alternative production process that works?

Anyways, I want to comment on my thoughts on your MRP, but I'll hold off until I read the entire thing - I've enjoyed reading whats been posted so far.

Thanks for commenting Mark!

Cookedart 7:03 PM  

Hey Pete - Most definitely. One thing that I've been told is Linguini -is- Lou Romano - even his personality is in the character (both story and acting wise). Lou did a great job too!

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