Friday, June 29, 2007


Pics from the Drawing Club this week:

Nothing too spectacular.

Here's some fun drawings from after while waiting for the bus:

I keep telling myself I should be drawing like this during life drawing, not after.


Anonymous 5:53 AM  

i like the the bottom one. Ya u should draw like that during life drawing. Ha ha

Vadim 6:23 AM  

Hey Cook. I really like the top one the most.

Andre Barnwell 6:41 AM  

YES ALAN COOK. PUSHIN THE LIFE DRAWING BAR. Im glad youve posted these and coninued you studies. Your take off into it was a little weaker than what you ended with last year but you keep raising upwards and pushin that benchmark. Nice post and nice character and caricature.

katzenjammer studios 10:35 AM  

wow these are too cool, it makes me want to start going back to the club, hopfully I'll catch you there next time

Philip Thomas 11:44 PM  

I always enjoy seeing your lifedrawings. Very inspiring.

Saul Ruiz 11:38 AM  

Awesome stuff as usual! I love your approach... and the feeling you capture in your life drawings. Really inspiring.

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