Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A mishmash...

Just throwing some stuff out there.


Randeep Katari 9:35 PM  

dude, i like this direction...keep trying this sorta stuff, nice work.


Vadim 8:56 PM  

Hey Man great work. You blog is insane! Its the animation news channel. I always drop by and check out latest short films and such.

Cookedart 12:20 AM  

Thanks Deep - this is just stream of consciousness drawing for me - rough and tough! Glad you liked it.

Vadim - Thanks much man! I don't get a lot of comments but I assume people are coming by the blog for all the news. It's good to hear that you're checking it out! How's House of Cool treating you?

Matthew Kalinauskas 1:15 PM  

Hey Alan! This stuff is great! I like the it. It feels very loose and fun! And I'd have to agree with Vadim on all the other stuff.

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