Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Today in Featured Videos..

Mr. Collieu from Filmax. Check it out at Left, and here.


Anonymous 11:51 AM  

didn't u already post this...did u run out of things to post?

Cooked Art 12:59 PM  

I did post this before but the link was longer available.

And no, there is never an end of things to post - why would you say that?

Heidi Smith 2:56 AM  

Wow!! that film looks amazing, I love the colors especially, and the designs are superb!!!

David Nethery 4:44 PM  

Thanks for posting it again , Alan. I had previously bookmarked the first one, but as you say , it was taken down and I was disappointed not to be able to see it again. Glad it's back up.

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