Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Royal Winter Fair

Hey guys, spent the whole day at the Royal Winter Fair. Here's what I came up with.

Some friendly faces:

The infamous "Farm to Fork" Grand Champion Pig:


andrew 10:31 PM  

thats first cow is really nice....great design to the head

Seo Kim 9:16 AM  

cute animals, I love the first cow too.

nickwatson 3:21 PM  

nice designs alan

Andrew Chan 7:44 PM  

Sweet drawings of animals. I love the style used for this.

Anonymous 2:51 AM  

i've been enjoying browsing your blog! great sense of humor, very skillful. look forward to more posts

under "CalArts" links, "Justin Parpan" is linked to "Steve MacLeod" blog accidentally

Unknown 9:02 AM  

great work. . .im really diggin it

Allie 2:58 PM  

interesting. Nice to see you're finally letting yourself do some character design!!

The only thing I find off about it is the lack of structure. I can see you putting it in in the underlines, but it doesn't really reflect in a lot of the final lineart. Not to sound patronizing: style is important, but no matter how stylized or flat or whatever you make it, it should still have a sense of structure.

Your cows are the best of the bunch.

Matt Williames 4:48 PM  

Awesome drawings man, really fun shapes and flow!

Robin 8:55 PM  

I have to totally disagree with Allie, you don't have to have structure to make a good drawing, that's confining yourself, look at most of my art -- NO STRUCTURE WHATSOEVER!

Whatever works for you works best.
Personally I really like where you're headed, Al. I find the really thick and really thin lines a little too drastic, but I mean you'll learn where to use them as you go, it's all about exploring this new style you've pulled in! :)

Cookedart 9:33 PM  

Hey wow, some comments.

Andrew - Thanks man - I find it a tad mouse-like, but I like it as well!

Seo - Thanks much! I definetly had a blast!

Nick, Andrew, Roc, Matt - Awesome to see people are liking my design - it's definetly not something I've felt too comfortable with until recently. Thanks for commenting on it!

Mary - Thanks for the info about the Parpan link - I've fixed it up! Definetly should've been more careful! I'll also be sure to post often :)

Allie and Robin - I gotta say that I'm really going for the anti-structure stuff. I never found it helped me in my life drawing or my character design and more often than not I find it gets in the way. I find it much easier to play with a nice 2d graphic shape and make it work when I have to do a turnaround. The underdrawing for me serves as just a rough of me playing the shapes - not really finding any structure - something that I've found works fairly well. As for the thick to thin line stuff - I can see what you mean, Robin, and I'm definetly experimenting with what works and what doesn't. I think I'd like a smaller brush personally but sometimes I like the thick, bold sweeping line. I'll keep both comments in mind for sure though!

Sam 11:30 AM  

these designs are great!! Nice style! Thanks for your comments on my blog :)

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