Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Orange One and the White One...

Started a new sketchbook today - with some goldfish as per Robin Hall's request.

The funny thing about goldfish is that they're the only pet that I've ever owned - and I've owned quite a few. I was never able to name them because they'd die quite quickly after they were named (dingo died after one day of receiving it's name). The last two goldfish I owned were thereby dubbed "The Orange One" and the "White One" whenever they needed to be referred to. They lasted a good 7 years until they died within one day of each other.

The goldfish I drew above are Moors - not quite what I owned but they're far more interesting to draw.

[Update] These are the drawings I did for Robin. They're post-its.


Sarah Dicken 7:50 PM  

These are awesome goldfishies! :D

Cookedart 2:15 PM  

Thanks Sarah - glad you like em!

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