Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Other Group's Characters are SO Fun to Draw...


Marco Bucci 7:21 PM  

I like your sketches! I'll definitely be checking back.

Hodges 8:14 PM  

nice sketches, your linework is great

Halya 1:56 PM  

Lol thanks for a little boost :P

Phil ROD 2:45 PM  

comment number 4

Randeep Katari 11:50 PM  

comment 5.
thanks for the thought man.
We'll kick some SERIOUS ass.


Cookedart 10:55 PM  

Hey Marco - thanks for coming by - glad you liked my stuff!

Hodges - I definetly rushed this one but it was still really fun to draw!

Halya - no problemo :)

Phil - you're a sucker.

Deep - No problemo either. Let's try our best!

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