Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Animation Building - The Pictorial

This is mostly for you folks who live or work far, far away from Oakville and you people who don't like going outside who do.

It's the current (as of a few minutes ago) status of the new building. Check it!

Build, Crane! Build like the wind! Build like you only had a month and a half to go!

The Money Shot:


A close-up of said entrance (no trespassing for me today, I guess):


Mark Mayerson 2:42 PM  

Only 57 days until classes start.

Anonymous 2:44 PM  

It looks awsome. Too bad it probably won't be done in time.

Unknown 2:48 PM  

cool D: thanks for posting pics
i imagined the walls would be up already with the time they have left
but i guess we'll hope for the best D: the building connected to the school at all?

S. Stephani Soejono 4:36 PM  

I just love your *sincere* captions. Shite, if it's only 57 more days , are we going to study without roofs?

Cookedart 5:23 PM  

Hey Mark - Glad to see you're staying positive, haha

Adric - Ya, too bad indeed! It's a little small too in my opinion. I'll miss the high ceilings of the C-Wing!

Vivian - It's connected to the A wing.

Steph - Let's hope not!

Jinny Liang 6:48 PM  

I just heard a few hours ago from Dan Chou that he talked to DQ and received news about the building not being finished till October. So I guess 2nd years may not be getting desks since 3rd and 4th years will be getting priority? I don't know if this news will actually become reality, but I will be really saddened if so. It's already quite terrible that we won't be having a reading week during the 1st semester. I can see high burnout rates even before the end of the first semester. Especially even worse if us 2nd years won't be getting our own desks to work on the more intense animation assmts.

But anyways, thanks for the photos. I hope they will hurry to get the building done in time.

Anonymous 7:19 PM  

I showed my dad these photos, he's in the construction business. He said that there is no chance for the building to be done by September.

If they have a lot of man power and work a lot of overtime, it might get done by October, but I'm saying it will take 6 months.

Considering they only have the shell done and still need to do the exterior stud framing, the interior partitions, all the electrical stuff, pretty much everything, I think it'd be great if they got it done by October.

I put up a picture of the 3d rendering for those of you who haven't seen it. >>>>

Jarrett 7:45 PM  

Looks cool. I had no idea there was no reading week in first semester this year.
I began my education at Sheridan in the art fundamentals area, it's funny that my final year of animation comes full circle to that general vicinity.

ben 9:10 PM  

Thanks for the pics - it's nice to get a look at our future home. ;)
I agree, it looks kindof small to fit 400 plus students... 300 of which will need their own dedicated workspaces...

hope they have windows or it's really going to feel claustrophobic!

A lot of folks last year had doubts that this unrealistic timetable would be met, looks like the pessimists win again. would have been nice to be wrong. ;)

anyone have any info about parking on that side of the school?

Cookedart 11:32 AM  

Hey Jinny - this is what I hear (that there will be no reading week) but I can't really confirm it though, so don't hold your breath on that one. As for desks, if they don't have the building built until october I don't think everyone will be -that- knee deep into animating anyways (not even the third or fourth years).

Boris - I agree with you there, but then again, I'm surprised they've come even this far.

Jarrett - I think a lot of former fundies students are feeling that nostalgia. is that a good or bad thing?

Ben - There are definetly windows but let's hope that it doesn't become an incubator with too many, haha. I don't like natural light anyways.

One thing to keep in mind for everyone is that I know for a fact that the contractors signed a contract for a september completion date with stiff monetary penalties if they missed said date.

Anonymous 5:56 PM  

Hey Alan,

Hmm, I hope things'll be running smoothly in the fall. And even though they have a strict Septemeber finish date for the building, I'd rather they take the time to do it properly. I don't want to fall through the 2nd floor during the first week of classes. =p

Thanks for the updates.

Hey Adric, how's it been going man? It's Wayne. For some reason I couldn't use the "Other" tag for identity.

Chris Thompson 8:22 AM  

wow there's no chance this building is gonna be up and running before the school year starts up. they don't even have walls up yet and even if they did supposedly "finish" everything off in august they still have to weed out all of the bugs aka miswired equipment, and so forth. But then again nothing is ever built on time when it comes to construction sites so I'm really not surprised.

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