Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More used Mac Shenanigans

I caught a cold! Bugger!

Anyways, this time the IT labs is selling the formerly-leased iBook G4's. Here are the specs:

12" 1024X768 Display
1Ghz G4
512MB Ram
30GB Hard Drive
32MB Ati Radeon 9200
Combo Drive
No Airport Included
Comes with AC Power Adapter and Laptop - No Other Accesories or Software discs included.
Final Sale - As-Is
Price with tax - $404.70

Full list of specs here.

If you wanted a cheap reference computer that can do some quite compositing and photoshop work, that's quite a bargain. Better get them quick - they're selling out fast (I saw one person buying 6!) They're available at the IT Labs, go to Harveys and take the stairs downstairs. Available to Sheridan Students and Faculty only. If you have any questions, drop off a comment.


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