Friday, July 21, 2006

Monster House

Check out this scathing review of Monster House, which opens today. (It appeared in Metro via writer Norman Wilner, if you want to know)

"The artificial nature of the motion-capture process has a weird way of undermining the fun: You're always aware the characters aren't quite interacting with the backgrounds, and the decision to hold back the show-stopping imagery until halfway into the picture makes one wonder why this could have been shot with live actors on digitally enhanced sets. [...] Monster house feels like a mutant conjured into existence to prove a point, rather than to entertain."

Looks like Bob Zemeckis and Gil Kenan have found the recipe for success.

One more thing - it looks like that free wireless cloud over Toronto is going to start coming into affect on September 7th. Free internet for all in Toronto! (Or at least the areas that they decide to do first).


Jinny Liang 4:31 PM  

What is this 'free wireless cloud' thing that you mentioned in your post? Who/what is subsidizing it? and how does it work?

Halya 7:53 PM  

More 2D, less 3D

Cookedart 8:55 PM  

Jinny - apparently the City of Toronto is having wireless routers installed in street lights all over toronto to make a wireless cloud over most (if not all) the city. Don't know much more about it at this point!

Halya - I agree! (P.S. tell mel I have to talk to her)

Seo Kim 10:35 PM  

tru sayyy.... boo to motion capture.

Reel Fanatic 3:41 PM  

Well, I for one thought "Monster House was funny and often charming .. methinks that movie critic was conjured into existence to be miserable while misleading people about which movies to see

Anonymous 10:00 PM  

I saw MH today, and I really liked it. The motion capture, tho, did bug me. There were times where the kids would jump and play like normal kids do, but it was really odd to see them do that. It didn't feel natural. There were some other places where it felt very badly translated from mo-cap to 3d, but overall it's a very good movie.

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