Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life Drawing and the Rumour Mill Continued

Hey there,

I said I'd post about the other issue, which I talked to D.Q. about - I dont' want to turn this blog into a gossip section though so I think this will probably be my last Sheridan Animation Rumour-related post.

So apparently the group films will be larger next year - with 8 or more per group, with the groups formed around the second week of class. The group is given a parameter and they are to come up with an idea within this framework.

I believe Dave Donar left, for those who don't know, so I think there's a hole for the story teacher in third year. Not to mention the entire staff for fourth year (the only one I know is Gerry for Life drawing for the first half of the year).

I looks like D.Q. will be the animation and character design teacher for third years - he said he wanted to focus on giving us some exercises to challenge those who were comfortable with animation as well as bringing up the skill level for those who were struggling. He said he wanted to push us like Art Babbit did with Richard Williams' studio - having animators do exercises with stick figures to push the motion and performance - as well as having us do an exercise from rough animation, to cleanup, to final colors (an exercise that would not be a scene from the film that you're working on).

I guess I should add an addendum that not even the teachers really know everything that's going to happen next year, and things will definetly change - but this is just what i've heard from teachers for now.

I also wanted to thank everyone for coming out to this blog - I've hit over 20,000 hits a few days ago and I think that's a great thing.


Guillaume 7:29 AM  

Ooh interesting stuff there. 8 or more people with a parameter, we'll see how that works out... seems a bit harder to manage, but then again, more manpower on a team is probably a good thing. Organization's the key I guess. I hope those "parameters" won't be tooo tight either. I like that the groups will be formed on the 2nd week though, it'll give more time to work on the film.

Dave Donar left... well that's a pickle. What will we ever do without him?

Congrats on the 20 000 hits dude!

Lettie Lo 8:05 PM  

looks like more groups are gonna get seperated and more slackes coming this year.

Yavuz 7:58 AM  


Cookedart 11:07 PM  

Hey Guillaume - I don't know how I feel about the larger groups but I definetly think it would be harder to manage. I guess it'll be really dependant on who is actually in these groups in the end, though.

I also hope that the organization won't be too crazy (as well as any additional homework on top of the filmmaking!) If they want us to make great films than set it up and get out of our way, i say!

Lettie - It doesn't have to be - My hope is that there will be less slackers but we'll have to see when it comes.

Thanks yavuz!

And thanks again to y'all for the 20,000 posts!

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