Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pixar Visits!

Hey there.

Shot some photos of the peeps (Steve Hunter (Former Sheridan-ite!) and Bob Scott) visiting from Pixar today.

Here's a photo of the two of whom I speak anyways (with Steve on the right and Bob on the left):

Check out the 'do! (he's one of the three caballeros! (See The Incredibles DVD for more info!))

I don't know if I'm going to be on shaky ground for posting these next few photos, but suffice to say that these images are by Pixar artists and are all Copyright of Pixar. They are not my work, I just wanted to post them because I thought what they showed was cool.

Bob maquette.

A Bob "Model Sheet" that helped keep the animator's on model.

Some facial expression examples that the animators were given to stay on model.

A wicked close-up of the image before.



Pose Test.


I started paying attention and stopped shooting at this point. Sorry for the crappy images - I didn't want to use a flash so they're kinda noisy. Ok, really noisy.


[update] So I just wanted to say that as of today I'm being considered for a story and art intern at Pixar. I had a great interview and Bob, Steve, and Dawn, who all seemed really enthusiastic about the quality of the artwork coming out of Sheridan. I'll keep you updated on this for sure!


Anonymous 1:19 PM  

Awesome! Is Pixar going to Sheridan next year? That's when im going.

S. Stephani Soejono 1:28 PM  

Thanks:) couldn't see some of the other images clearly

Melanie 7:13 PM  

HIII! man, I'm sorry, but this is the first time I've managed to view your blog! Haha, for some reason my comp. doesn't like the Active X controller (whatever that is...)
Looks like you got decent seats at the Pixar shindig, I managed to squeeze in, I stood at the back :p

S. Stephani Soejono 7:56 PM  

Woops, my sentence didn't come as clear as I wanted now, did it?

I was in the VERY back, STILL losing my glasses so I was semi-blind and most of the show to me sound like a radio live show. So thanks VERY much for taking those piccies. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous 8:42 PM  

Wow! I'm in your demo reel! Woot.


Eduardo Avenir II 7:04 PM  

hey awesome pics man =) i heard you got an interview for pixar for the internship, awesome man! Hope you get it so i can ask you all about it in 3rd, maybe get some tips from you about pixar hehe. damn thats a lot of fragmented sentences...

Cookedart 7:42 PM  

Hi there,

To anonymous- I'm not sure! But I hope they will. As I said - they seemed really enthusiastic about the quality of Sheridan's work.

Stephani - are you sure? Everything works fine on all the computer I've tried it on. Can you say which specifically?

Hey Mel - that's really wierd. I tried taking off some of the things that need 'activeX controllers' - did it really stop you from being able to view my entire blog? That's definetly not a good thing... Hehe, actually, I was at the back row sitting, I just had to zoom in with my camera.

H - is that Halya? If it is, why don't you have a blog, sucka? And why doesn't your mom have one either?

Hey Ed, yeah, I'm really excited about the internship thing. I'll make sure to tell everyone about it! It's crazy how fast information spreads at Sheridan, geez!

S. Stephani Soejono 12:30 AM  

Er, I meant I coudn't see clearly during the Pixar meeting.I was in the VERY back, STILL losing my glasses so I was semi-blind and most of the show to me sound like a radio live show.

So thanks VERY much for taking those piccies. I really appreciate it.



Jeremy Canton 8:25 AM  

Aww man that is so cool! Steve Hunter is an awesome guy.

Wicked blog btw!

.Brandon.Gilbert. 8:16 PM  

HEY Alan. Love your layouts man! Really awesome stuff. You mind if I link some of the Pixar pics to my blog? lol thought I'd ask. And congrats on gettin an interview. See ya around next year.

Cookedart 12:28 PM  

No, I understand Stephanie.

Thanks Jeremy.

Brandon, no, it's fine, you can link to them if you like. Ya, I'm still pretty pstched about the interview.

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