Thursday, April 13, 2006

Drew Lightfoot

For those of you who are going on Tuesday to the Over the Hedge screening, the NFB is holding a Stop Motion Primer course with Drew Lightfoot, an animator on Corpse Bride. It's 7PM at the NFB building on 150 John Street. It's $15 for the general public and will answer questions like:

How do you plan for motion with no key frames? How do you make characters jump or fly? How do you ensure models stay still between shots? Is video assist necessary? What kind of equipment can you use to record?

Definetly worth sticking around in Toronto for.


Andrew Chan 3:19 AM  

thanks for posting this!

I saw a poster at school for this but one of the students must have took it down to keep the ad or were simply too lazy to copy down the info. At the time I didn't write down the address of where it was located sooo.. ya thanks!

Will you be going to that one as well?

Unknown 1:23 AM  

No problem.

No, I planned to make it out, but I didn't (was too tired and had too much work to do).

Hope you made it out though!

Anonymous 10:35 PM  

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