Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And now for something completely different...

I've been working hard on a storyboard for Layout class - we're to board an entire sequence that our teacher has scripted. Here's what I came up with, sorry for the quality of the scans, hopefully the panels are still readable.

Click on the below panels to see the full breakdown. It's split into 8 pages.


Skye 7:43 PM  

Nice looking boards, Alan. Keep it up!

Cookedart 1:22 AM  

Thanks Cory. I might update this depending on if I get some good feedback from the teacher (Piotr)

Alfredotron 10:30 AM  

i really admire ur skills ...not everyone can draw storyboards son amazingly...congrats ...

Chris Wilson 12:32 PM  

You have some nice looking boards. They're very clear!

Cookedart 7:43 PM  

Thanks both of you.

I really need to work on boarding I think - Layout and Story are my two favorite parts of filmmaking!

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