Sunday, April 16, 2006

Michael Dudok De Wit

Hi there,

I've been a big fan of Michael Dudok de Wit after I saw his work at last year's Ottawa International Animation Festival. Seems that two of his shorts have popped up on YouTube. They're two of my favorite animated shorts.

Monk and the Fish

Father and Daughter

I have a DVD of his stuff. If I have time I might try to upload Tom Sweep to YouTube as well.

Also, on This site, Acme Filmworks has posted 5 of Michael Dudok De Wit's commercials for AT&T. Check them out, they're pretty cool.

I emailed him a while back about his first film, called "The Interview", which he did for his graduation. He told me that he plans to release a DVD with his work that will include this as well as a new short, called "The Aroma of Tea." I bet it will be available come Ottawa this year.

On an unrelated note, the trailer for Meet the Robinsons came out today.


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