Saturday, April 12, 2008

Toronto Zoo....

Went to the zoo just the other day...

I've been resisting posting up photography to my blog because it would just explode full of photos and not my drawings. I guess for today I've decided, since it's the special case of the zoo, to be lame and no post up drawings.

Psyche! Here are some drawings. Thanks to Robin for the advice.


Chris Palmer 12:42 AM  

very nice, and the form lighting holds up so well, even as thumbnails!

willborough 5:48 AM  

great shapes and great color! top-notch stuff!


Tapan Gandhi 4:59 PM  


alan, that elephant and orangutan at the bottom are incredible!

Ian Worrel 11:03 PM  

bold move canadian. 1 more week to go. Then I'll join your crack blog addiction.

Hey it was 90 degrees and clear here today. Thats 32 to you eh.

Randeep Katari 2:21 AM  

dude, these photos are really, really nice. The drawings ain't bad either :P
see you on the flip side champ.

andrew 8:52 AM  

neat photos,

those designs are great, nice colouring and stylization

Jarrett 6:08 PM  

Dude, this is like.. the next level to your art. Love it.

Ivan Aguirre 8:08 PM  

Those drawings came out really good. You dont know me, but Ive seen you in alot of other peoples blogs. your blog is really helpful/Insightful in finding really good stuff. But those animal drawings came out really good.

clifford chiu 8:37 AM  

really nice photos, al, really nice..

and the drawings aren't bad either!!

she-rah 6:32 PM  

love the photos! what camera are you using? Also- i'm digging the ostrich at the bottom, definately agree with Jarrett- next level alan! woohoo- see u at the screening!

ysengrin 12:06 AM  

The elephant is great!!!
Nice job. I love it.

Emmanuel Briand 12:27 AM  

hi , thanks for your comment it makes me so happy , i m a french drawer working in animation at ankama studio in France . tell me how i can work with you and the other . i'm well at ankama but i dream to be yours ; one day i hope it will be soon , i would like to hold your hands and pay my viennoiserie at morning(and orange juice too ) so see you i will be back .

Team Diana 9:12 AM  

I liked the part where you called Ian lame.

Joe Mastroianni 12:30 PM  

Awesome drawings...
The orangutan is my favorite.
His expression is priceless.

jonathan 2:02 PM  

i really love that flamingo.. lot's

Jeffrey 8:03 PM  

those are some damn fine animals.

Lubomir 10:03 PM  

Beautiful stuff.rnold

kelly erwin 9:33 PM  

Nice stuff alan,
Congrads on graduating and finishing a great film!

vlad 12:18 PM  


Amanda 3:25 PM  

8) Everything's looking awesome, the photos and the drawings.

Unknown 5:06 PM  

Very nice designs and photos!

Kei Acedera 5:08 PM  

awesome photos Alan! and love the ostrich..wonderful colors and design. Congrats on finishing school!

RAWLS 2:47 PM  

Congrats on the finishing of school fellow Sheridonian... (My boss at work was at the screenings and had good words on your guys work). Great stuff my friend!! Beautiful photos and very nice designs! Keep up the great work!

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