Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Will post it up as soon as I can.


fabianv 12:36 AM  

From looking at these screens I really cant wait to see this! Very nice colors.

Lettie 6:23 AM  

good job

Bobby Pontillas 10:57 AM  

Congrats Alan! Really looking forward to seein this.

noodlenoggen 3:57 PM  

Cool! Can't wait to see it.

myke_bakich 5:36 PM  

Congrats Alan! The Pics look Great, can't wait to it on the big screen!

Chris Palmer 5:37 PM  

can't wait!

bala 8:56 PM  

Wow!!! i've been following ur blog for quite some time now, ur doodles and characters looks sweet! Congratulations! can't wait to see the short!

Tapan Gandhi 12:28 AM  

congrats, alan! looking forward to seeing it next week!

Mitch K 1:06 AM  



feels good eh?

Hrishikesh 11:10 PM  

look of the film is nice :)looking forward to see this.

ChrisDarnbrough 4:41 AM  

looks sweet man, looking forward to seeing it!

chuck 9:44 AM  

nice looking work, Alan

hanz 1:48 PM  

hey man, when are the screenings? hopefully i can make it to one of them..

Team Diana 2:57 PM  

Congratulations dude! I can't wait to see it :)

Tom 2:37 PM  

Looking forward to seeing your film next week

orange 7:48 PM  

congrats al...looking forward to seeing it !

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