Friday, September 28, 2007

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Hoggan 5:25 PM  

The second one downs a Beaut cook. good work, you werent kidding when you said you were have fun with color.

clifford chiu 7:01 PM  

i love the colour ones, but i REALLY wish you would have moved tanya's hand a bit forward in the second one so we could see her expression!! the third one's good too but i'm not quite sure what's going on??

i had a horrible day with those two, even though their costumes were awesome and their chemistry was amazing. arg.

Chris 11:17 AM  

Great stuff!

I love this color work.

kevin 11:07 AM  

beautiful colors, maestro.

arzu 1:20 PM  

good job Alan!
negative and positive shapes in the second one works really well.

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