Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ottawa (Day Two)

Caught three short showings this time round.

The Canadian Showcase consisted of mostly more abstract work. The standouts for me were Casper Konefal's "Kat Fight", Chris Walsh's "The Magic Projector", and Julie Rocheleau's "The Flour Face Ballad". If you plan to attend, check out the full lineup here.

Short Competition 2 was probably the best I've seen all festival (so far). Standouts were the clever "Paradise" by Jesse Rosensweet, the Supinfocom short "8848", and Claude Cloutier's "Sleeping Betty" (Probably the best short I've seen here so far). Full list here

I also got to check out Short Competition 5, featuring the notable "Moodbot" by Rob Shaw, NFB's "Madame Tutli-Putli", and Aardman's "Pearce Sisters". Full lineup here.


.angi. 6:08 PM  

HI!sorry to bother you..first of all, i think your art is so awesome! i wanted to tell you i put a link in my blog, so i was wondering if you could put a lin in your page too, of me and my friend*who is very talented*
the links are
thank you sooo much!!

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