Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pablo Navarro's Demo Reel

Hey check out this demo reel from a Filmax Animation animator. There's some awesome stuff from Nocturna and Mr. Collieu in it.

Check it out!


Piotr 7:25 PM  

wow, the french have got it!

Rade 1:12 PM  

Wow, love the rough stuff for Nocturna.

Cooked Art 7:55 PM  

Hey Piotr - I think Filmax is actually Spanish, could be wrong though....

Rade - Definetly. The film looks amazing!

Pablo 5:12 AM  

Hi everybody!

I'm glad you people liked what's on this demo reel!

Thanks for watching it!

Responding to Piotr and cooked art, Filmax is spanish based studio, but Nocturna and Mr Collieu are co-produced by the french too, the co-producing studio was animakids.

Well thanks again for posting the demo here.


Pablo Navarro

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