Monday, February 12, 2007

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland.

Here's an intriguing animated feature film that seems to be a bizarre mix of anime and western styles.

Studio Ghibli's Yoshifumi Kondo directed this pilot film for the concept, which is based on Winsor McCay's cartoons:

Here's the trailer for the film itself:

And of course, the film in it's entirety on YouTube:


Piotr 10:14 PM  

i have the entire collection of nemo strips, and i can't believe how much of this film i remember. mickey rooney is funny.

i think hayao should collaborate with the US again before he retires...maybe with pixar..."the ultimate film"

Mark Mayerson 2:52 PM  

This film had a long and tortured production history. After Rock and Rule, Robin Budd and Frank Nissen went to Japan to work on this. I believe that Ray Bradbury did a script for it and that Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston were consultants as well.

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