Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Plugging it up...

I've been bugging this girl to start a blog for the longest time and she's finally started to put some stuff up. Check it out when you have the time! Can't wait to see more stuff Marceline!

And if you haven't already, check out Arzu Fallahi's blog too, because she's got some pretty sweet stuff as well!

Last but not least, check out Jordan Wan's blog - he just started it up and it's got some pretty nice stuff up already.

Also, check out this post on Pixar Storytelling from the TAG Blog.


Cookedart 6:17 PM  

No problemo Arzu,

Keep up the awesome!

Marceline Danousha 12:07 PM  

Hey Alan! I know I am kinda slow with the computer technologies and stuff, but I am definitely working on it.. hwiahia anyway, thanks to plug us in!!!! and, i really liked the artworks from your pitch this week. keep it up!! :)

Cookedart 12:26 AM  

Hey Marceline,

Don't worry about the technology stuff - that's for the people who can't draw as well as you - haha.

No problemo about the plug - just keep on posting new awesome stuff!

Your film looks awesome too! Let's hope we can both finish them!

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